Tetramin Discus 10LT


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Purchase a bucket (2.1kg) of Tetramin granules to feed your tropical fish. The granules consist of Biotin, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins and Immuno-stimulants to ensure healthy immune system functioning as well as ensuring the right combination of nutrients, to give your fish a biologically balanced diet. The added Prebiotics support the digestive system of your fish and helps to convert food easily. Once added to the water, the granules will stay firm to ensure the water does not get murky and no colour leaching occurs in the tank.

* Size: 10L (2.1kg)
* Suitable for all tropical fish
* Biotin, Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins & Immuno-stimulants support immune system
* Supports healthy fish growth, vitality and colour vibrancy
* Prebiotics support bodily functions
* No waste or colour leaching for a cleaner tank


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