SOBO Sponge Filters


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Description :

  • Large surface area creates perfect environment for denitrifying bacteria
  • Ideal for shrimp rearing and betta breeders
  • Ideal for use in tanks which house livestock that may be damaged by larger turnover power filters


Sponge size: 8cm L x 8cm W  x 5cm H

Complete size: 8cm L x 8cm W x 17cm H

Density: Very Fine


Sponge size: 12cm L x 12cm W x 5cm H

Complete size: 12cm L x 12cm W x 17cm H

Density: Fine


Sponge size: 12cm L x 12cm W x 10.5cm H

Complete size: 12cm L x 12cm W x 22cm H

Density: Course

Provides the Aquarium with mechanical and biological filtration

Support colonization of bacteria for ammonia and nitrate breakdown

Oxygenates the water

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Sponge Filter Size

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