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Treat your fish for White spots and other skin parasites such as costia, chilodonella, and trichodina in fresh water and Brooklynella hostilis, Uronema marinum, and Cryptocaryon irritans in seawater. These diseases can be deadly but they are just as easily treated with Sera Costapur. This liquid formula is a water conditioner that can combat these pathogens and fungal infections if action is taken quickly. The aquarium should be darkened during treatment and an increase in water temperatures can accelerate the healing process. The liquid can be used in fresh and marine water aquaria. See package for dosage instructions.

* Size: 50 ml
* Treats white Spot, costia, chilodonella, and trichodina in freshwater
* Treats Brooklynella hostilis, Uronema marinum, Cryptocaryon irritans in seawater
* See package for dosage instructions


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