Sera Catfish Chips


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Sera Catfish Chips are the staple food for Sucker-mouth Catfish such as Ancistrus and Plecos. The chips sink quickly which is ideal for these fish as they prefer to live and feed at the bottom of the tank. When added to the water, the chips become smooth while still retaining their shape so the catfish can feed slowly. The integrated wood fibers (from willow bark fibers and alder cones) and spirulina support the digestion, healthy development, and general well-being of these fish. This 250ml bottle contains 116 g of chips, that can be given to your fish once or twice per day.

* Size:
* Formulated for bottom-feeding Catfish (Ancistrus, Plecos)
* Chips sink quickly and retain shape for 24 hours
* Made of integrated wood fibers & spirulina
* Support digestion, development, and well-being

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