Corydoras Venezuelanus – (sold in schools of 3,6,9 and 12)


  • All photos taken are actual adults of the juveniles sold @ Kry’s aqua
  • For the safety of the livestock, we only ship Mondays –Wednesdays.
  • We sell Corydoras in schools of 3, 6, 9 and 12.
  • We mostly sell juvenile livestock which are between 2 – 2.5 cm, but adults will be sent if available.
  • We do not sex livestock for any clients.
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Locality: Venezuela, Carabobo, Rio Cabriales, Rio Tuy and Lake Valencia situated north of the serrania del interior.
Common name:
Lineage: 7
Etymology: Named after the country where the species was found
Size: The largest specimen found measures 34.2 mm. Aquarium specimens would be expected to reach 50.0 mm SL males, 55.0 mmSL females.
Temperature:  23ºC to 26ºC
pH:  7.0
GH: 9 dGH
KH:  2
Conductivity:  280 ppm
Substrate:  Fine smooth grained sand.
Natural habitat:
Habitat details:

Cool, clear fast water streams with temperatures that rarely in the the low to mid 70s the substrate consists of rounded stones and gravel.


Although this species is still considered as a synonym of Corydoras aeneus by science, it is recognised in the hobby as a true species. Its overall size is far smaller and it’s shape and colour pattern clearly distinguish it from Corydoras aeneus.

There is a dark form of Corydoras venezualanus, this is a species of the northern llanos and is only found south of the serrania del interior in northern Cojedes state. It can be collected alongside Corydoras habrosus and Corydoras septentrionalis. Further south it is replaced by Corydoras concolor. It is found in white water slow moving canos among heavy leaf litter. Because of it dark colour, this form has been called Corydoras venezualanus “Black”, but this name can and is confused in the hobby with the man made black form of Corydoras schultzii.

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