AQUACLEAR Power Filters


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Providing complete mechanical, biological and chemical filtration, this power filter comes with Aquaclear foam, activated carbon and Biomax. There’s an extensive line of filter media available from Aquaclear that can be used in this filter as per your needs. Working by gentle waterfall action to return clean, filtered water to the aquarium, this filter features flow control action, and even agitates surface water for added oxygenation and aeration. The media basket does not let water bypass the filters ensuring a more effective and longer time spent on the filtration media. This power filter features a filtration volume 7 times larger than comparable filters, for exceptional water clarity.

* Multi-stage power filter
* Mechanical, biological, chemical filtration
* Hang on filter
* Gentle waterfall action
* With flow control feature
* Includes filtration media
* For 227 to 416 Litre aquariums
* Capacity: 1890 Litres per hour
* Dimensions: 34 x17x23 cm

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