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  • (x)Penn Plax-Cascade Replacement internal Filter Cartridge/Carbon 300,400,600

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    REPLACEMENT FILTER MEDIA: These Activated Carbon Cartridges are specially designed for the Cascade 300 Fully Submersible Internal Filter (CIF1), and serve as a replacement for when it’s time to cycle out aquarium filter media. CHEMICAL FILTRATION: In addition to absorbing ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and phosphates in a timely manner, these Activated Carbon Cartridges also remove harmful chemicals…

  • Aqua Mist Air Stone

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    • Steady Flow Of Bubbles: Which Will Provide A Better Supply Of Oxygen To Your Fish, And A Beautiful Look To Your Aquarium
    • Small Sized Mist Aerator: Measures At A 7/16 Inch Diameter (Or 1 Centimeters)
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  • Penn Plax Bubble Wall Air Diffuser

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    Creates a dramatic mist of healthful bubbles in your aquarium. Evenly distributes fine bubbles through a super-porous, non-clogging wand. The tough polycyl material stands up to continual use. Creates a dramatic mist of healthful bubbles in your aquarium. Evenly distributes fine bubbles through a super-porous, non-clogging wand. The tough polycyl material stands up to continual…

  • Penn Plax Cascade Canister Filters

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    Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter series offers the best at an affordable price also. With high-tech filtration mechanism, all the canister filters in the series, i.e, Penn Plax Cascade 1500, 1000, 1200, 700 and 500 are well suited for different aquarium capacity ranging up to 200 gallons. Being an aquarist is not easy but it will…

  • Penn Plax Cascade Internal Power Filters

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    Description : The Cascade 300 QUIET & EFFICIENT: The Cascade 300 Submersible Filter quietly delivers crystal clear water throughout the aquarium. This filter cycles water at 70 Gallons per Hour (GPH) for tanks up to 10 Gallons in size. It’s great for Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums, along with a variety of Terrarium setups. ACCOMMODATING: The…

  • PENN PLAX Check Valve with Air Filter Blister

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    Provides clean filtered air to your aquarium
    Keeps your air pump safe from water damage
    Reduces particulate matter that can clog air stones & other devices
    Prevents siphoning due to a power failure or when disconnecting other accessories

  • Penn Plax Gravel Vacum

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    • CLEANER AND SIPHON: designed to remove grungy waste, dirt layers, and debris from your tank
    • PERFECT FOR ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: it’s self-starting siphon is easy to use and produces great results
    • LEAVES GRAVEL AT THE BOTTOM: you can clean above and below your gravel line without fear of scratching
    • EXTENDABLE: the tube extends from 9 to 16 inches, so this Gravel Vac is perfect for reaching every spot in your aquarium
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  • Penn Plax Lok-Tite Plastic Valve

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    The Penn Plax Lok-Tite Gang Valve will allow you to control multiple airlines from one or two air pumps. The standard-sized barb fittings hold your airline firmly in place, and the control knobs are easy to set with no need for constant readjustment. Easily installs on your aquariums frame, with airline hose clips that will save you from a tangled mess of hosing

  • Penn Plax Spherical Air Stone 3CM

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    The Penn-Plax Aqua-Mist Air Stone sphere creates a dazzling underwater scene. Increases surface agitation, accelerates oxygen replenishment and helps release carbon dioxide build-up.

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